Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unknown Classes

I have no idea what my classes starting next week will be like. The only thing certain is my gitty enthusiasm for my long-awaited return to studies. If the courses turn out to be easy, I fear I may nag my professors with questions and over-done assignments that I will surely burn the bridges I hope to build.

I have purchased the textbooks for my first batch of classes. They speak of high principles of government, which intrigues me, but the texts lack specifics. They stick to general, fluffy theory. I suppose it is the most logical thing to go over first. However, I'm anxious to master the application. I'm comfortable with talking and learning about theory; I want to be pushed to a place where I have to grow.
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Setting Context

A little information about what's led me here: I'm a teacher without a class room. I have been washed out of the educational system because I was unwilling to subject myself to substitute teaching, (I tried spending a year teaching in Korea instead). As such, I was unable to weasel into a temporary job in a public school that would have earned me a gross amount of pressure, scrutiny and work that tenured teachers were unwilling to do. Failing to do this has seen the end of my two-year provisional license in Ohio, (I still have my Virginia license). I would have to return to a four-year institution and gain new credits to renew my provisional license. Instead, I am shifting career paths to help improve the system rather than continuing to endure it.

Exactly what form of improvement effort I will find myself in, I don't know. Learning about the system and finding a way to help is what this blog is about.