Friday, September 12, 2008

Changing the museum's model

The Education Department spends considerable effort determining how to use our archival collections to develop school programming that adheres to state standards. We jump on any indicators that might give us an edge in program development.

This model seems silly to me. Why should we sit and hope for revisions to the required curriculum? Why aren't we, as stewards of Northeast Ohio's history, recommending the standards that address local history? In that way we could shape the educational field to our, and the schools' advantage. Thus we could seek funding easier as we would be a more prominent player. We could then provide more programing, offering our huge body of primary sources that would be so perfectly tailored to the state standards.

This could be carried out by a subsidiary non-profit working within WRHS. Such an organization might provide me with an opportunity to stay aboard WRHS while also putting my MPA to use.

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Anonymous said...

Go get 'em! It's a lack of initiative that's left so many programs struggling when they've got the potential -- and the public desire -- to succeed. That's why I find it refreshing to see young (I'm assuming you are, that is) professionals enter the field. If you can make it through without becoming jaded, your enthusiasm can do this country a world of good. Don't worry about ideas that fail; many inevitably will. Worry about your ability and your willingness to try them out. I wish you luck.