Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Old and Modern Structuralists

I think the central divide between the "old" and the "modern" structural theories is World War II. The time that they wrote is the primary difference. Both generations of theories involve building a structure that best fits the enviornment. And though over time the enviornment has changed, the central theme has remained the same: "organizational efficiency is the essence of organizational rationality, and the goal of rationality is to increase the production of wealth in terms of real goods and services," (Shafritz, 193).

But to make sure I've hit all the key points, some of the enviornmental changes that have led to new theory is the rapid evolution of technology. With such a fluid enviornment, organic structures have proven capible of facilitating the necessary rapid adaptions. I would also add that a post-WWII emphasis on social equality has added a new layer of oversight into the basic structure.

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