Sunday, January 11, 2009

General Observation

It seems like more and more people are in crisis mode. In my classes, at work, and everywhere else people are stretched thinner and thinner as we rush to head off one calamity or another. Layoffs at my museum (and a bunch of places nearby) and we're closing in on another round of downsizing if we can't pull our numbers up... somehow. Personal finances are a mess for me and most others in my life.
As a result of the situation: People at work are trying to raise the tempo and pull extra weight for the ones that are gone. My studies and second job are increasing their importance and demand. In order to manage the resulting stress I need to prioritize my visits to the gym and some sort of relaxation. My little in the Big Brothers program is in greater need as his family (or lack thereof) is suffering far worse than mine. So I make time for him. And all the while I have to be on the hunt for a new job as my now reduced pay will cease functioning as a financial stop-gap measure in exactly 7 months.
Okay, that is the end of my gripe. I don't mean to be whining, I am quite happy with all the wonderful things in my life. And I'm fortunate to have the means to weather this climate. But wow, it really is bad out here. Cleveland is on its knees. And it seems, from the gravity of all our conversations about due dates in my classes, that others are just as stretched.

Well, best of luck to everyone and here's hoping we can get things going again!

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Maki79 said...

You can tell the stress hasn't lessened in the last month...